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Mahahual Diving & Snorkeling

About Mahahual

Mahahual is a small, secluded fishermen’s village located on the south-eastern coast of Mexico. Now becoming a rapidly-growing eco-tourist destination, thanks to its newly constructed port, it’s located in the heart of the second largest coral reef, a true Caribbean dream. Along its coastline, the Meso-American reef stretches for kilometers with crystal clear water and The Mayan Coast is as beautiful inside the sea as it is outside. A fresh diving destination, Mahahual and the Great Mayan Reef offer you local shore diving and some remote dive locations hardly discovered; as well as 40 km off the coast, the well preserved National Reserve known as Banco Chinchorro.

Mahahual Diving & Snorkeling

Diving in Mahahual

With most sites located just a mere 2-5 minute boat ride, there’s plenty you can choose from depending on your level and confidence in the water. With depths ranging from 10m to 1000m, Mahahual is home to some of the last few of the critically endangered coral groups known as Elkhorn Coral [Acropora palmata] and Staghorn Coral [Acropora cervicornis].

If you’re feeling adventurous, or if you’ve already experienced a few of the popular sites, you can come take part in our venture to pioneer unexplored hidden spots!

Or you can come help keep our reef clean and protected on a lionfish hunt expedition. These lionfish, dominant predators, are not native to the Caribbean waters and thus destroy and devour all things around, so in order to maintain our reef in natural equilibrium, we hunt lionfish as a means to protect and conserve and by doing so, savor this delicious menace!

Mahahual Diving & Snorkeling Prices

1 Tank

$65 USD

2 Tanks

$85 USD

3 Tanks

$110 USD


$25 USD

Our Boat: "La Chula"

Name: La Chula

Boat: 33 feet fully customized Panga boat with canopy covering all seating area

Engines: 2x140hp Suzuki 4 Stroke Twin Engines with Lean Burn Technology

Equipment: 30 racks for dive tanks (+2 additional tanks at rear of the boat)

Capacity: Max. 14 divers plus crew

Mahahual Dive Sites

Amigos del Mar Mahahual


  • Difficulty: Easy
A common choice due to its easy 9-15m depths, allowing you to feel comfortable while witnessing a grand variety of marine life, as it being a common nesting ground, in season you can witness the newborn schools of shy while somewhat curious little fish.
Amigos del Mar Mahahual

Faro Viejo

  • Difficulty: Moderate
A little more advanced site, starting at about 10 meters to about 23 meters, located just in front of the old lighthouse, hence the name, this is a very special spot. On most days you can glide by on the soft to mild current, its quietness producing more variety and quantity of fish, most a bit more bashful, there being also little tunnels and caves you can squeeze through if you feel capable enough!
Amigos del Mar Mahahual


  • Difficulty: Moderate
A special spot smack straight in front of Harbor Master. This site, ranging from 14m to a deeper 60m, floating along a wall and peeking into the one of many grooves, on one especially where you can navigate through a complete vertical chimney if you’re courageous enough! It’s a great spot for photographers, with the usual spotting of rays, turtles, moray eels, including quite the variety of large barrel sponges and plenty, plenty more.
Amigos del Mar Mahahual


  • Difficulty: Moderate
No one really quite knows why The Steps was the chosen name, where there is no mystery is why it’s a popular one. Varying from about 15 meters to about 30 meters a site where one can frequently be visited by some friendly and very relaxed turtles, or other times a variety of rays, including the spectacular spotted eagle ray.
Amigos del Mar Mahahual

Rio Bermejo

  • Difficulty: Moderate
The southernmost dive site in Mahahual. This site has two different spots, Laberinto and Cañada, both averaging about 20 meters. As it not being a very common spot, it’s always a special treat to wander around the maze, *Laberinto*. La Cañada offers beautiful canyons and swim-throughs which makes that dive a very fun one.
Amigos del Mar Mahahual


  • Difficulty: Moderate
The name says it all, a garden of delight, full of colorful coral and all sorts of different fish, plus an extensive choice whether to turn right or left, up above the crevasses or under the tunnels and arches. Ranging from 7 meters down to about 30 meters you can pass alongside the massive coral walls and probably find a few pesky lionfish hidden around.
Amigos del Mar Mahahual

Puerto Angel

  • Difficulty: Moderate
One of our ExplorDive sites, some 12km south of Mahahual for the ones who like to adventure and explore the unspoiled hidden gems of area. Puerto Angel is the perfect mix of coral gardens, sandy areas, and fascinating overhangs which will give you so much to look at. With a depth of between 12 and a maximum of 26 meters, you can hang around for almost hours and that gives you the chance of seeing a lot of different pelagics like Barracuda, Snappers, Turtles, Rays and Lobsters. Puerto Angel is also one of the favored spots for the Lionfish hunt.
Amigos del Mar Mahahual

Punta Herradura

  • Difficulty: Easy
One of our farthest-out ExplorDive sites, some 20km south of Mahahual. Upon arriving, one of the first things you see, Giant Barrel Sponges [Xestospongia muta] living up to their name, starting off at 22 meters down to at least 65 meters with great visibility, not a frequently visited site so it’s a wonderful choice for lionfish hunting.

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